The owners of Virala corporation founded the Family G.J. Ehrnrooth Foundation in 2019. In addition to this foundation the owners of Virala also serve the Board of Directors on other Ehrnrooth family foundations like The Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation (


The Family G.J. Ehrnrooth Foundation aims through its financial support to advance the development of the Finnish society and the future of Finland. The purpose is primarily to be achieved through supporting education, for example by financing international studies, studies for disadvantaged students and through support of national activities linked to these. Financial support to disadvantaged children, adolescents and single parents as well as supporting possibilities for sports activities for children and adolescents are also included in the purpose of the foundation.

Board of Directors

Göran J. Ehrnrooth, Chairman of the Board
Alexander Ehrnrooth, Board Member
Albert Ehrnrooth, Board Member
Juhani Mäkinen, Board Member
Nicole Ehrnrooth, Observer of the Board
Arthur Ehrnrooth, Observer of the Board
Caroline Ehrnrooth, Observer of the Board
Edwin Ehrnrooth, Observer of the Board
Isabelle Ehrnrooth, Observer of the Board